Sundered Skies

And Another Adventure Begins

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf – Not available
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling – Not available
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling

As we have returned to Gateway, we take the time to sell the extra gear we collected, repaired and replaced any broken equipment. Any outstanding accounts were resolved, and Kari encouraged Gronk to grab a bar of soap and hang outside Naked for some rain…

Once everything is settled we are hanging out at a local tavern having a pint. Kari is singing for our supper. Midway through the performance, Arnen enters the tavern with a man in tow. Arnen has been telling his friends of our accomplishments, in addition to the story telling Kari has translated into song.

Arnen introduced Hawk, his friend that is in tow. He is a fairly well known individual in Gateway and acts as a trader and supplier for Arnen. He has a business proposition for us. Arnen requests our assistance. He has a man, Skiller, who is a scavenger is going to the Draining Sea. He was wondering if we would like to go along. Each member will get one share for participation. He has a ship at the docks called the “Mirrabelle” a frigate.

As an aside, Sapphire requests help with negotiation for shares.

In the morning once everyone is up and moving, albeit some better than others due to the amount of liquor some drank the night before. GBH, Kari, Sapphire, Hiron, and Guenyvar all head down to the docks. As the port is quite busy, we approach the dock master and find out that the “Mirrabelle” is on dock 50. There is a skiff “Rosy” beside the berthing.

Skiller is found and Gronk and Kari enter the cabin with Skiller to discuss the trip and discuss fees. Skiller launches into a tale…
" Ice claw tribe"

Skiller offers the group 14 shares for the work of going on this adventure. We are also given 50 cogs each to start off with and are given a day to get gear and get back to the ship.

Ice Bear Clan will roll Rosy from the edge of the clan lands to the Draining Lake

After a luxurious four weeks into our journey we run into trouble…

While on watch, Guenyvar and Hiron notice they are not alone. They ignore the warnings, but after the enemy ship fires upon us, Hiron leaps into action. He has Guenyvar wake the others and Hiron rings the warning bell. Our catapult fires, but misses. They return fire with four cannons and hit. The ships continue to spin around and attempt another broadside. More shots are fired and missed, Skiller and the rest of the crew are starting to arrive on deck. Skiller takes over the helm, while the rest of the crew gets into position to repel the boarding party.

Both ships are tied together and the pirate crew swarms to the deck. Mass fighting ensues. The Pirate Captain arrives on deck and immediately starts to climb up to Hiron who climbed the main mast for a better view. Panicking and afraid the Pirate captain is coming for the necklace “Raven Wing” Hiron attempts to remove the necklace. He cannot take it off so he decides to fight the Captain. After dispatching the rest of the Pirate Crew we all point our weapons upward and yell at the Captain: “Jump, we’ll catch you”. To our disappointment the Captain did not jump. In a moment of inspiration Gronk grabs a grappling hook and throws it at the Pirate Captain, snagging him on the back of his belt. Frustrated, the Captain does an acrobatic back flip off the mast and lands behind Gronk. Us all in our skivvies we manage to gang up and take him down.

Cogs – 500 salvage
Pirate Captain – Steel Knife, Steel Cutlass, and Flintlock (rounds 2) and chain Halberd.

We scuttle the ship and move on our merry way…



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