Sundered Skies

And we meet again...

As we start our adventure once again…

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire Wing – Drakin
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling

As we search through the villa, we meet up with the woman again and have not found either the brother or other personnel. There is a cellar in the villa (with prisoners). The prisoners turn out to be Dorient and Guenyvar, which will be joining our party. Tusk takes this opportunity to escort the daughter of the vintner back to the tavern for safekeeping.

Most of the wine cellar is already broken and based upon discussions with the daughter, there was a larger group of bandits that left earlier to the East with any other gear. Dorient and Kari go to the orchard and are able to secure two (2) days worth of grapes and rations. As a group we rest at the villa for six hours – two people per watch for three watches. The watches go smoothly without any issues.

In the morning we set out to the East. GBH finds tracks to the East and we start in that direction. As we are walking, Dorient is starting to fall behind due to our pace. Geo lets us know and we start to slow our pace. Dorient is fatigued as we continue. Geo throws him onto the cart like rough luggage. The area is starting to be even more wooded as we travel. Geo notes that the tracks are around a week old and it will take a while for us to catch up. We find a very nice defensible rock outcropping for us to rest. We have traveled around 15 hours this day.

As we camp for the night, GBH loves us all and I play a nice tune to put everyone at ease. Guenyvar preens and grooms herself as she settles down. During the second watch, both Geo and Guenyvar feel uneasy, though Geo is certain it is coming from the tree-line. Geo wakes GBH and he also feels uneasy from the same direction as Geo. Based upon their feelings, everyone is woken and is prepared to react as necessary.

GBH and Kari start to walk toward the woods, whilst Sapphire uses his special vision to peer into the woods. Sapphire is able to recognize that the trees are actually creating the uneasy feeling and are the cause of the problem.

The trees attack first with barbed thorny branches from the side – Geo, Dorient, Hiron, and Sapphire are attacked first. They successfully move out of the way as they dodge from the thorn beast’s attack.

As the fight ensures, the thorn beasts attack the party with massive branches hard as iron and barbed with thorns. Everyone scatters except Hiron, thinking the thorn beast is actually a tree, decides to climb to the very top and now is riding it in the first ever “Thorn Beast Rodeo”.

Guenyvar kills two thorn beasts with her fire bolts and shakes a third. Sapphire takes out the shaken thorn beast while it is down. GBH hits “non-leathally” and knocks another one out.

This leaves one last thorn beast, still being ridden by Hiron. It starts a “whirling dervish” move to no success and Hiron holds on for at least eight seconds. GBH is able to knock it down. Sapphire takes advantage of his four foot height and kills it whilst it is down.

For clean up, the party realizes that Sapphire has lost his sleeping tarp to battle damage. We rest for four hours before we start to move on.

While walking, Geo notices that we are coming up to a break in the isle between the two pieces. There is approximately a 10 foot gap between the two sides. It looks as if the planks for the land bridge were pulled over to the other side once the group passed. The Drakin believe that there are people hiding in the trees across the way. Sapphire sets up his telescope and discovers that the folks across the way are orcs. GBH and Kari are going down to the gap together to persuade the orcs to extend the planks for the bridge.

Kari and GBH successfully persuade the orcs to lay the planks for the bridge. The orc warns us to stay away from the tower. Kari talks the orc into leaving the planks in place. GBH circles back and is able to talk one of the four orcs to go with him around the corner to look for Kari. During this time, Dorient and Hiron were able to successfully sneak across the bridge and into the trees on the opposite side. Geo and Guenyvar are working their way toward the bridge, plainly in view. GBH and the orc are playing “patty cake patty cake” with battle-axes. One of the orcs notices Geo and Guenyvar and yells, “Ambush”. Guenyvar moves closer to the three remaining orcs to start melee. Geo growls loudly and runs and attacks one of the orcs. Geo stubs his toe and grimaces in pain.

Hiron shoots one of the orcs and kills him. Geo hits the orc he is fighting and shakes him. Dorient moves into melee range and bounces off his armor. Hiron attempts to move and shoot, but ends up damaging his bow and snapping part of the bow. One particularly nasty orc, takes a strong dislike to Guenyvar because he does not like the color green and hits her causing two wounds and shaking her. Guenyvar is able to recover from the wounds, but is not able to move. Kari moves past GBH and heads toward Guenyvar.

GBH, while showing the orc some “love”, is successful in knocking out his orc to the land of nod. The shaken orc in front of Geo is still stumbling. Dorient engages the shaken orc with a wild yell and crushes him. Hiron attempts to fire at one of the orcs and misses. Geo, noticing his opponent was killed by Dorient, moves over to assist Guenyvar and shakes him. Guenyvar kills the last orc with her short sword. Kari heals Guenyvar while Geo recovers the cart with Sapphire. Hiron recovers his arrows and the rest of the team scavenges the area. We find enough salvage for 70 cogs.

GBH and Kari tie up the last orc.

We continue down the path and see in the distance the outlines of a tower. While walking Guenyvar is able to identify the vials as loft oil x2 and 1 potion of close wounds; bronze long sword (degradable) +1 to hit fighting rolls and +1 to parry. Further discussion ensured as to who will get the items. The discussion moved to assessing the placement and ability of the tower. There are piles of earth around the tower at different points. We decided to wait for a few hours to assess any movement.

Since both Dorient and Guenyvar were tied up back at the villa, they identified several folks that were being forced to assist with the excavation of the tower. Kari and Hiron are both very curious as to what the excavation is about. Sapphire suggests we wait to see if there is any further activity. Within a couple of hours, two orcs leave the tower and are headed to the copse of trees toward the base of the hill. They swap out with two orcs that were maintaining a perimeter there and the relieved orcs head back to the tower. Once the orcs heading to the tower are out of sight, Hiron and Dorient sneak toward the perimeter station. Both wildlings are stealthily hidden behind the orcs. Once they are in position, GBH and Kari begin to walk up the path toward the perimeter station. Geo runs past GBH and sticks out his tongue. The orcs, noticing the running dwarf, decide to fire a couple of arrows toward him. They miss.

Guenyvar launches three fire bolts but they are more like fireworks and really don’t do anything. The orcs, in retaliation, run like hell toward the tower after firing a few arrows. Hiron shoots his bow at the fleeing orc and shakes him by shooting him through the leg. Dorient runs forward and engages the orc that Hiron shot, and takes the orc out. GBH and Geo start to run toward the trees where the orcs where holding their watch.

Hiron fires an arrow at the last orc while Dorient attempts to tackle him. Hiron kills him with a critical shot to the face. The group moves into the trees where the orcs were keeping watch and we recover a half day’s rations. At this point we have four and a half days rations for the group. As we reflect upon the activities for this session we gain 2 experience points for each character.



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