Sundered Skies

Another Night Out...For the Tower Cometh...

When we last left our adventurers, the group was near the tower. As we gather again for a night of fun, the following were able to play:

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire Wing – Drakin – Not available – will remain with the cart.
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc – Played by Brian in Eric’s absence
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling

The heroes are currently in the copse of trees where the watch point/perimeter station was kept. As we gather to discuss our plans, the discussion for the bronze sword comes up again. Arguments for those who might be able to use these items are now between either Dorient or Guenyvar. Dorient won the bronze long sword. As for the vials, Geo received one vial of loft oil and one vial of close wounds. GBH received the other vial of loft oil.

As we begin, Sapphire Wing set up his telescope for us to take a better look at the tower and the surrounding area. Geo takes the first look and noticed that there are shadows and movement at the top of the tower. He was not able to distinguish any further details though. Kari looked through the telescope after Geo and was able to see that the dirt being placed around the base of the tower does not look as if it is from the surrounding area. Geo believed the dirt to be from the base of the tower, perhaps underground within the tower’s location, such as a cellar or basement tunnel. Kari looks at the surrounding area and notes that there are two paths to the base of the tower, one which follows the road with minor tree cover, or a shorter route to the base of the hill the tower resides on, but does have a manageable climb to get to the base of the tower. The group plans to take the shorter route. Guenyvar suggests the wildlings climb the area and cast down ropes if needed. We decide to take this plan.

Everyone takes a stealthy approach, with Guenyvar throwing dirt on her scales to make her appearance not so shiny. As a group, we make it to the second group of trees, without any change in the tower or other personnel. Kari gives rope to Dorient so both Dorient and Hiron have rope for the climb. Both have stealth so will make the climb to the base of the tower. They motion the rest of the group forward and we are able to climb up to the low wall surrounding the tower.

As a group, we are able to hear talking and murmuring from the front doorway. Hiron is able to hear orders being given from within the tower. The group moves forward with Geo leading the way. GBH follows, then Dorient, Guenyvar, Hiron, and Kari bringing up the rear. We enter the tower and see two “Damned Soldiers”, in which Kari recognized them as coming from hell.

We enter combat, with Geo taking on the one on the right and GBH taking on the one on the left. Dorient moves forward and engages in melee with Geo. Dorient misses. Geo attempts to hit him and misses as well. Guenyvar attacked the guy on the left and missed. GBH swings his mighty warhammer and kills the “Damned Soldier” with one hit. Kari moves forward and notices that the rooms on either side are meant for sleeping but are empty. Hiron hears sounds coming from the front. Geo re-engages, hits, but does no damage. Guenyvar moves to engage the “damned Soldier”, hits him, but no damage. Dorient and Hiron both engage the soldier. Dorient and Hiron both hit, but do no damage.

From the front of the tower, Hiron hears clinking of armor as someone is moving toward the entrance. Hiron relays the information and fires an arrow at the “Damned Soldier” shaking him. Kari turns around and faces the entrance. GBH is maintaining watch on the stairs. Dorient attacks the soldier and misses. Geo attacks again and with a furious scream crushes the soldier into a pile of goo. Guenyvar casts deflection on herself.

Geo moves back to the entrance to cover with Guenyvar. GBH and Kari both hold action waiting for something else to appear. Dorient moves toward the entrance and attempts to hide in the corner. “Damned Golem” showes up around the corner. Hiron is feared by the appearance of the golem but his adreniline surges. The golem fires a spike with a chain at Geo, but misses.

GBH sees four “Damned Soldiers” come down the stairs. He moves forward and crushes one of them. Guenyvar fires three bolts, fries one and does not damage the others, though the missiles do no damage. Kari fires one arrow and kills one of the soldiers. There is only one soldier left on the stairs and the golem at the front entrance.

Hiron shoots the golem and it bounces off without any damage. Dorient runs up to the golem and hits the golem. Unfortunately the sword does no damage.

On the other side of the hallway, GBH takes out the last soldier and crushes him. He hears more soldiers coming down the stairs and prepares for more butt kicking.

The golem attacks Dorient, but misses him as Dorient juked to the right evading the attack. Geo attacks the golem, but misses. Guenyvar sends two bolts at the golem, with no damage by either.

Down the stairs comes four soldiers and a death priest. GBH is hit by one of three attacks and takes a hit and two wounds. The death priest launches three bolts of ice, with one hitting Kari and two hitting Guenyvar. Kari is shaken from the hit and Guenyvar is shaken from one bolt and and soaks the damage from the second round. GBH also soaks one of the wounds. Kari runs forward, heals GBH for one wound and he is able to become unshaken. He swings at one of the soldiers in front of him and shakes him. Hiron fires at one of the soldiers on the stairs and the arrow bounces off.

Dorient goes to attack the golem yet again and misses. Guenyvar and Hiron are hit with a fear bolt. Hiron gains a phobia of “Damned Soldiers” for life at a minus one. Guenyvar panics and runs into one of the rooms on the left, cowering into the corner. Geo attacks the golem, hitting him, but doing no damage. Guenyvar is able to undo the shaken and moves back into the corridor. She attempts to intimidate the death priest, but does not succeed. Guenyvar fires three bolts at the group on the stairs. Two bolts go into the floor, but the third bolt hits the target and shakes the target.

One soldier spits at GBH, but misses. The wall sizzles where it is hit. GBH and Kari both miss their attacks. The soldiers return action, two miss, but one hits GBH but does no damage. The archer in the background is able to hit GBH, but bounces off his chest. The death priest focuses on Guenyvar and absorbs spell points. Hiron fires an arrow at one of the soldiers on the stairs and kills him. Dorient attacks the golem, hits but does no damage. Geo attempts to grapple the golem to the ground. Guenyvar moves forward and intimidates one of the soldiers, who becomes shaken. The golem breaks the grapple from Geo, but is unable to do more.

Geo re-engages the grapple and throws the golem to the ground. Guenyvar moves into melee range and kills one of the soldiers. Death priest launches three ice bolts, GBH shrugs off the bolt, but both Guenyvar and Kari become shaken. Kari shakes off the shaken, while GBH crushes the soldier in front of him. Kari shoots the death priest and shakes him. Hiron shoots at the “Damned Soldier” archer, but misses. Dorient hits the golem but does no damage. The golem roars and throws Geo off of him yet again.

The death priest remains shaken, while the “Damned Soldier” archer misses GBH. The golem used an improved sweep against both Dorient and Geo but do no damage to either. Geo re-grapples the Golem yet again. Guenyvar is able to be unshaken and attacks the soldier but to no avail. Hiron attempts to shoot the death priest but his bow snaps in half. Dorient attacks the Golem and hits, shaking the golem. The was much rejoicing and astonishment from the peanut gallery. GBH hits but does no damage. Kari attempts to fire at the death priest but misses.

Geo attempts to do more damage through the grapple, but does no damage. GBH misses his attack. Kari’s bow snaps as she draws it back and curses as the string snaps back. Guenyvar misses her attack. Hiron moves forward and fires his flintlock pistol at the death priest. His shot hits and shakes the priest. Dorient attacks the golem, but misses.

GBH attacks and makes the soldier shaken. Kari trades pistols with Hiron and reloads the empty gun. Hiron shoots the death priest and hits him with a wound and a shaken. Dorient hits the golem but to no avail. The golem shrugs and knocks Geo loose. Geo attempts to grapple but is not successful. Guenyvar runs at the death priest and kills him with vengeance.

Geo grapples the golem yet again – same story yet again. Guenyvar moves behind and takes out the soldier from behind. As the fighting in this end of the corridor comes to a close, the rest of the party goes back to the entrance and goes against the golem. Everyone starts to pummel the golem with Kari doing checks on the corridors to make sure that nothing else is going on. Guenyvar is able to wound the golem. The golem is now unshaken, but unable to do anything. Dorient is able to wound him again, thus making a second wound on the golem. Kari still does not notice anything while the rest of the group is taking on the golem. As the golem succumbs to the multiple blows, it explodes. Hiron is shaken by the explosion, but recovers.

All in all, the party was able to take out 10 “Damned Soldiers”, 1 Golem, and 1 Death Priest. We were able to recover and secure the first floor and recover 1,160 cogs worth of salvage and a bone bow; the Death Priest had one flintlock pistol (6 rounds), a dagger, and a bone bow. Guenyvar was able to recover a spiked gauntlet (strength +d4) and archaic armor +2 (chain/ornate armor worth approx. 1200 cogs – human sized), and a tome (book of wizard spells – containing two spells); from the golem – there was 100 cogs worth of good salvage.

As we search the rest of the tower, the basement contains four cells with about 15 prisoners. GBH and Kari work to free the prisoners and hear their stories. They have been digging under the tower for the death priest. Two priests went into the tunnel below the tower.

Geo and Dorient go down the tunnel to follow the path that was excavated. Geo secures the rope so that anyone down in the hole they discovered cannot get back up. We decide to rest for the night/evening and reflect upon the day’s events, gaining 3 experience points each.



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