Sundered Skies

Beneath The Tower

And we go again into the breach…

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire Wing – Drakin
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling – Not available – will be played by Joe Tonight
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling

As we rest from the last adventure and reflect upon what has gone on so far – we note that Sapphire Wing is still remaining with the cart for tonight’s adventure. We recoup from the fighting by resting for over 14 hours. During this time, Geo and Dorient will take the first watch, Hiron and GBH the second, with Kari and Guenyvar the last watch. This allows all of our players to get our power points back to normal levels.

As we begin, at hour 11, Kari hears climbing sounds coming from the hole in the ground. She asks Guenyvar to wake everyone and to prepare for battle. Kari hears something moving in the hole, she fires blindly, but misses. Something hits her on the back and she in propelled into the hole. She is able to make a quick grab at the side and is holding on. Geo, as he approaches, sees a Death Priest at the hole. Kari is able to climb out of the hole and throw herself to the side. GBH starts to run down the corridor toward the Death Priest. Guenyvar takes a moment to light a torch. Dorient runs forward with Geo. Hiron starts to run as well. The Death Priest calls forth a stone minion, and a second enemy appears and also summons another minion. GBH runs forward with his shield at the front. GBH, Kari, and Dorient are all hit by ice bolts sent from the Death Priest. Kari and Dorient were both shaken by this attempt. Dorient and Kari are able to remove the shaken and move backward.

Geo engages the first stone minion. The minion becomes shaken. Dorient takes the opportunity to attack, hits him and kills him. Kari is hit again and becomes shaken. GBH is hit by three bolts of ice. All bounce of his incredibly thick skin, doing nothing. The first stone minion attacks Dorient and gets him shaken. Sapphire gets pissed off and fires three flaming bolts at the Death Priest. The first bolt hits the death priest and it fizzles; the second hits but also does nothing. GBH, as he is running at the Death Priest, pushes the Death Priest and uses his “Orgasmic Stun” ability. The Death Priest falls into the hole.

Kari rolls away from her opponent taking a glancing hit on the back that does no damage. Sapphire again launches three flaming bolts at the remaining Death Priest. The Death Priest explodes into flame and crumples to the floor. Kari takes a moment to start to light another candle. GBH stands at the hole, pacing back and forth and muttering under his breath, “where did he go… I want to play with him more…” The remaining stone minion is in combat with Geo, Dorient, and Guenyvar. Geo takes a swing at the minion and crushes him into oblivion.

As the group looks down into the hole, Guenyvar throws her torch down the hole, by the light of the torch they see a concrete floor with several dead bodies. As we have three ropes, we secure all three on the sides of the hole and Geo, Dorient, and Guenyvar all go down the hole first, with Kari, Hiron, and Sapphire providing overwatch. GBH looks on and mutters under his breath, “little man go bye bye. Where did he go?”

We all climb down to the floor and look around. It appears the group is in the bottom of an arena type enclosure. There is another doorway on the next level up. The group is able to make it to the level and look into the next room. We find another body with spears in the front and believe the room to be a workshop of some sort. Various machines are around the room, but they have not been used for several/many years. Geo and GBH lead the way, followed by Guenyvar with a torch. Hiron climbs to the ceiling, with Dorient, Kari, and Sapphire bringing up the rear. We approach another doorway to the left, and take a look into the room. It appears to be a smithy, with forges, racks of metal, anvils, and smelters. There are two bodies on the floor in decomposed states. Kari, taking the opportunity to study the bodies as she passes, notes the bodies may have come from a pirate background. The story starts to sing to her, when GBH and Geo, as they enter the next room cry out in surprise as a darkness falls over them.

As a group, minus GBH and Sapphire due to position, we are hit with a frost blast. Geo is shaken and Dorient is fatigued by the blast. Guenyvar and Dorient are able to spot the “Death Priest” hiding behind the wall and shooting magic through a slot of the wall. GBH attempts to stun him, but misses. Guenyvar starts to run to the right up the stairs. The “Death Priest” fires his bolts at both GBH and Hiron. Hiron is stunned and GBH takes a hit and a wound. Kari moves forward and heals GBH of his wounds and then gets into the prone position. Sapphire moves into the room by Dorient, with Geo and Guenyvar going up the other side. GBH tries again to stun the “Death Priest”, but is not able to make it orgasmic. Sapphire is able to get behind the “Death Priest”, but he was not able to do any damage. Guenyvar moved around the corner and is able to see the “Death Priest” unhindered. Kari leaps off the floor and slides closer toward the wall. The “Death Priest” retaliates and launches three ice bolts at Geo, Guenyvar, and Sapphire. Guenyvar and Sapphire are able to soak the damage, while Geo is again shaken.

Dorient moves into combat range and hits the “Death Priest” but does no damage. Geo is able to un-shake himself and move toward the “Death Priest”. Dorient strikes again at the “Death Priest” and shakes him. The “Death Priest” fires three ice bolts as he falls, shaking Sapphire and Dorient. GBH and Kari move toward the stairs.

Sapphire attempts to un-shake, but does not succeed. Guenyvar strikes at the “Death Priest” and causes another wound on the “Death Priest”. Geo and GBH run at the “Death Priest” and finally reach him to engage in combat and kills him.

The “Death Priest” had one flintlock pistol with 5 rounds; steel dagger; a “fine-looking” bone bow +1 to Damage with three arrows; and 200 cogs of salvage.

The door to the side, where Kari was standing beside was locked. Dorient is able to recognize that the door is trapped and successfully unlocks the door and disarms the trap. As we walk in, the room appears to be a council chamber, with a long table in the center and various papers. Kari looks at the papers and is able to recognize the type of information and that all together, they are worth around 50 Cogs. Kari also notices that there are two bags of dirt on the credenza. The floor opens up as Kari removes the bags, but she quickly steps to the side. The stairs to right of the room lead downward. Geo, GBH, and Kari start down the stairs. The room is filled with runes – a ritual chamber – with three bowls; copper chased with gold and set with emeralds, bronze etched with silver and amber, and iron engraved with onyx and opals. Geo makes a note to come back after we explore to see how many gems he will be able to remove from the bowls.

The next room is a private room with leather hides on the walls, dressers, and a bed with a dead body laying. Kari is able to recognize several aspects about the body and is able to identify the tomb as “Grath the Unhearted”. He was a Cabal Pirate who terrorized the cities around this location. Geo is able to find several gems worth about 70 Cogs. Sapphire, having a better understanding of how the islands move, figured that this island hit another island and the tower and surrounding tomb was pushed underground by this event.

Sapphire notices the actual tomb and through the inscription, was able to confirm that “Grath the Unhearted” was lain within. Geo and GBH attempt to move the top of the tomb. Sapphire, GBH, Geo, and Kari all look into the tomb. The body has a black powder weapon, called “Overcharged” next to him with six shots. There is also a steel long sword and a steel dagger. The body also has a amulet with wings on it, called “The Raven Wing”. It allows a flesh-forge attribute to whomever wears it.

Geo, GBH, and Kari walk to the ritual room and look at the bowls. As Sapphire lifts the amulet, the skeletons within the room come to life and start to surround the remaining heroes. Dorient attacks the first skeleton and kills it outright. Guenyvar fires three bolts but they all miss. GBH, Geo, and Kari all run toward the room as they hear the fight break out.

Hiron fires, but misses the target. The skeletons move closer engaging Dorient, Guenyvar, Sapphire, and Hiron. Sapphire jukes to the right and left, weaving through the bone yard, dodging all the way. Two surround Dorient, three surround Guenyvar, one on GBH, and three uncommitted. Hiron kills one from the shadows. Dorient slams into one of the skeletons and breaks it into a million pieces. Sapphire prays to the gods and blesses Geo and GBH with a +4 to their next trait roll. He gains new power and fires two flaming bolts and shakes one and blows up the second. Geo runs forward and crushes the skeleton Sapphire shook. Hiron shoots from the shadows and kills another one. Guenyvar using her sword and claw, kills both skeletons around her. Dorient swings and kills the last skeleton.

Geo returns to the ritual room and is able to remove enough gems to get a 1,000 Cogs worth.

As we wind our way back up through the floors, we meet with the prisoners that were remaining in the tower, we find out that there is a ship landing at the wharf outside the tower. We are able to gain passage with the frigate back to the city of Gateway. We meet up back at the tavern and discuss our trip. Each party member gains 3 experience points.



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