Sundered Skies

October 5th, 2012 Session

The players begin in Gateway which is the largest settlement in The Shattered City. A cesspool of races, the town is dangerous and a place adventurer’s come to make a fortune in the ruins spread
throughout the shattered islands.

We are in Arnon’s Western Winds Tavern on the eastern edge of the city, he is looking for a group of adventurers to help him. The Western Winds Tavern is known for its wine selection.

He calls us into a back room. He has a bit of a problem, his brother Tyren Hir, has a small villa 3 days east of here. It’s in a valley which receives rain everyday and the ground is very fertile. That is where he gets his wine. His brother’s shipment is late. He needs us to find out why they are late. He will pay us 150 cogs per person plus a case of wine that sells for 200 cogs. The characters ask for a weeks worth of rations and food.
He draws us a map. It will be 3 normal traveling days walking. He prepares.
After a day of walking, most of us are dragging except the dwarf. It has been 10 hours (as we calculate) so we stop.
There are some light trees. That’s where we set up camp. Survival roles we find some shade. Keri plays a light tune to raise our spirits. Sapphire is already asleep. Single watches for 2 hours. We stay for 10 hours. Everyone makes a spirit roll for glow-madness.
Geo is getting glow mad. He is irritable. The beloved will help the next day.
Nothing occurs during the watch.

We begin walking the next day. Sapphire again is fatigued but only after 6 hours, so we stop again. Successful survival roles we find a decent place to look. But after 10 min Keri sees something shiny.
Despite being fatigued we head to it.
There is someone lying in the road with 2 arrows sticking out. Keri casts Smite on Geo’s fists .
The body has 2 arrows sticking out of his chest, maybe a week old. He is gross. No identification. Normal cloths, likely a farm hand. This might be the brother’s man. There looks like there was a battle. 50 feet to the left behind some outcropping, there is another person and a cart in the brush.
Sapphire, Keri, and Geo went to cart. Gronk and Tusk go to the body.
The cart is behind the rock, it is empty. It’s a rickshaw.
The body had some degradable armor. He is dead and gutted, hacked at. There is a sword lying next to him. Etched into the sword is a skeleton claw of cabal. GBH screams and tries to break the sword. Keri plays chariots of fire while running to Gronk. And now that we think of it cabal uses black arrows. So Gronk breaks them.
The sword is worth 70 cogs of salvage.
There are tracks leading north. We have no idea what made the tracks.
We discuss which way we should go, the track or to the valley.
So we still need to rest. Briefly so sapphire doesn’t whine. Put bags in cart, head off north.
After following the tracks for ½ an hour. We find ourselves at the edge of the island. But we see a rope ladder that seems to be attached to the cliff. \
It appears to go down about 60 yards and then there are a series of cliffs and ledges and ropes. This seems to be the only way down.
Geo goes down first with a rope tied around him. Than we go down one at a time. He slips once but Gronk catches him. At the bottom he is on a ledge. Their might be a cave looking off the island to the right there is a seris of rope bridges and ledges and it looks like there might be a cave at the other side. 200 yards to the cave.
Geo unties his safety line. And we all come down one at a time. Keri goes last.
Gronk losses his grip but the dwarf holds the rope and we are all down.
Geo goes first. We all follow to the first stage. Tusk falls this time but Geo saves him this time.
Next time Sapphire falls. But Geo catches me again.
Final time everyone makes it.
Order is: Geo, Keri, Tusk, Sapphire, GTB
We approach as stealthily as we can. There is a large rug hanging on the top of the cave entrance.
We all make notice rolls. Tusk and Geo hear voices inside.
Geo steps in, spells are cast, deflect and vibrate
Geo slips inside. A moderate size cavern. There are some gentlemen playing cards, they do not notice us even though glow light shines in. There are sleeping mats and beds, cloths, sleeping rolls, torches, there is a ledge against one wall with a whole bunch of cabal swords and arrows.
As Geo steps in a guard stabs him from the side. He is human and dirty.
Geo pounds him. But he parries.
Keri moves into the room, fires an arrow at him but misses.
Tusk moves into the room, assesses the situation, and engages the guard with his rapier hits but no damage.
Sapphire follows in, but does not do anything.
Tusk attacks again, and kills him. Geo and Keri move into the room. Keri fires an arrow at the card players. One dies with an arrow in his throat. GTB runs in to stop the killing. A guard comes around the corner and shoots at GTB. He is wounded. Sapphire fires at the one that shot GTB and kills him.
Another steps in and shoots at Geo. Geo blocks it. He then takes cover.
Gronk tries to tell everyone to stop and love each other as he takes cover.
The Cabal yells out that we should than leave, Cabal intimidates Gronk. Tusk runs in. Keri moves in and fires at the guy in cover. Sapphire moves to cover and summons his Ally. Geo moved further in to engage.
GTB overcomes his intimidation and then walks in and tries to persuaded them to surrender. They don’t, Sapphire’s Ally stomps forward but doesn’t attack. Sapphire tries to intimidate them but fails. Keri fires an arrow but her bow degrades. Geo goes after one that ran off. Two guys try to attack Sapphire Ally but fail.
Geo continues to pursue. The one he is pursuing throws a potion that bursts into flame. There is a big fire that blocks the way into the back room. Keri moves and attacks one of the card players. He is shaken.
Gronk tries to intimidate one. But fails. Tusk tries to support him. Sapphires ally grapples the weapon arm of one and succeeds. Sapphire moves in a bit
Geo smashes the leader. He is smashed very hard, looks very bad.
Tusk holds waiting for love priest. GTB attempts to subdue one, fails. Tusk follows suit, but fails. The Cabal tries to fight but miss a lot. Keri fires at the one GTB fights and kills him. Geo continues to pound the leader but fails.
Ally shrinks back into the ground as the one he was fighting surrendered, only Geo and the leader still fight. Geo pounds the leader.
Combat ends.
The love priest talks to the last survivor. He did kill the guys in the cart. Keri recovers her arrows.
We get about 270 cogs of salvage. 24 bottles of wine left. Plus 3 vials that are enchanted somehow but we don’t know what.
We all get 2 xp.



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