Sundered Skies

Second Part

We left the cave and made our way to the villa. The villa is down in the valley and we could see the villa and the orchard. We noticed there were people in the orchard so decided to go to the orchard first.

There were screams from a woman in the orchard and we found a woman that was in the process of being ravaged. We engaged in combat and saved the woman, who turned out to be the daughter of the vintner. We heal her wounds and listen to her story.

At the villa, we were able to take on the villa by climbing on the roof and creating an ambush.

We recovered – leather armor, shinny longsword, flintlock pistol (six loads) and a war hammer. The villa was previously ransacked by the orcs and there is nothing left to salvage. As we reflect on the day’s activities, we each received 2 experience points.



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