Sundered Skies

The Ship Rolls On...

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire – Staying on the ship as he is out…
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling
Aidan – NPC Orc Brother for Skiller

After the last battle, we take the gear and store it in the hold of the “Mirabelle”. In looking at our ship after the battle, we notice that the fishing nets were torn and will need replacing prior to our return to the seas. We continue on our path…

At five and a half weeks out, Elder is missing. Geo rings the bell as a warning and gets his weapons ready. Dorient looks over the side where Elder is hanging unconscious. Geo moves over to the side and starts to pull Elder up. He appears passed out, but cannot tell any other damage. He wakes and he appears to be fine from the ordeal. Kari looks him over, finds nothing of interest, asks a few questions, and then heads back to the mast. She plays a lively tune and leans against the mast.

Another half week passes and the monotony continues. The weather begins to change toward the cold and we begin to wear the heavier gear. The boat is suddenly caught in an updraft and moves upwards in a high rate of speed. The Captain looks around and heads back to bed. This goes on for three days more. During the watch for Geo and Dorient, the updraft seems to be slowing down. Geo notices another ship up and port. The Captain decides to change the sail to bring us up close to the ship. The ship appears to be damaged and the hull is rent. It does not appear to have any crew. We are able to determine that the ship is the “Spirit of Knowledge”. Was owned by Galken, a Glowmad explorer. He was last seen heading to the draining sea. We lash up and head over to the other ship.

The deck is slippery due to the ice and the ship is in disarray. The lower level has about 20 cogs from salvage. Kari and Guenyvar light lamps and looks around. Geo knocks on the door, calling out “Housekeeping”. GBH and Kari start to go topside, while Geo, Dorient and Guenyvar stay below. Geo decides to break down the barricaded doorway to the Captain’s quarters. Geo sees movement coming toward him as he clears almost 75% of the doorway. An undead glow-born rushes past Geo and Guenyvar. When he comes close to Dorient, the wildling reaches out and snags the bottle out of his arm, but not out of his grasp. Guenyvar slips past the duo and reaches the stairs. The undead is able to rip the bottle out of his hands, but Geo immediately pulls it out of his hand. The undead pulls it back and makes a bee-line for the stairs. Geo grapples him to the floor. Kari hears the commotion and pulls her flintlock and faces down into the hold. Dorient snatches the bottle and heads toward the stairs. Geo attempts to subdue the undead. Guenyvar takes a look around the quarters. She sees a second corpse with another shot to the head – self inflicted.

Within the captain’s quarters:
– long sword
– potion (unidentified)
– chain hauberk
– fine short sword – 150 cogs each – times 2
– six bottles of elven wine – each worth 25 cogs…
– Strangely twisted metal amulet around the neck of the undead
– flintlock pistol with 2 rounds

With a bang, a group of skitterlings appears both on our ship from the side of the hull and directly into the listing ship through the hole in the hull by the crew quarters. As they swarm the deck, they attack Hiron, while the brothers run to the other side of the ship. Hiron is able to soak his wounds, but remains shaken. GBH is attacked by the rats from hell (wildlings) and ends up shaken. Hiron, flips over two of the rats and strikes out with his dagger. He does not do any damage – but looks cool doing it. Geo strikes out but does no damage. Dorient also strikes out shakes one. Volrog is able to hit his enemy and shakes him. GBH is able to remove his shaken and casts deflection on himself. Kari sights between GBHs legs and kills one of the rats with a shot between the eyes.

GBH yells and smashes one of the rats in front of him. Kari shoots another one between the eyes, while Geo crushes another. Guenyvar slips around Geo, while Hiron attacks from the side. He is unsuccessful, though Guenyvar is able to kill his opponent. The rats counter and Guenyvar is shaken. Geo swipes at the rat in front of him and crushes another one. Guenyvar is able to move into a defensive position. Dorient strikes out against a rat and shakes him. GBH misses his attack. Volrog is able to kill one of them as they approach him.

Dorient finally kills one, after all this time… Geo takes one out after Dorient and calls out – “5” as he laughs… Hiron gets to his feet while Kari jumps across from the listing ship to where Hiron is standing. Guenyvar is able to stand up and take a defensive position. Hiron jumps up into the air and twin kicks one of the rats in the chest, knocking him overboard. Dorient flails at the last one and kills it. We as a group are able to route the rest of the skitterlings.

We clean off the decks and gather around Dorient as he reads the journal from Galken.

“…docked with the Draining Sea near an outcrop of ice shaped like one of the leaping panthers of Heartland… …too close to the Palace, maybe we disturbed him, whatever the reason the water became rough and dangerous… …time to record some of our thoughts on this strange habitat… …home to more creatures than one would expect given its frozen and barren state. Examples of bears, wolves, and many types of skyler. The water teems with life. The fish of legend, or rage given life? The orcs who live and mine the Draining Sea… …creatures brought to the island by… …the flying life arrived via styler… …eggs and the water based life like-wise. More exotic creatures dwell on the Draining Sea as well; Ice… …been infected by the Battlelord’s rage, roam f… …burrow through the tundra huning the grubs of the ice crickets while legends tell o… …chain is reliant upon the ice crickets, an insect found on the relatively warm edge of the ice sea. It has a wingspan of a foot and is… …grubs within hibernate for many years before emerging. During this time the ice slowly moves outwards… …9” long… …fish eat the grubs and smaller fish. Skylers eat grubs, crickets and the… bears and wolves eat the fish (?), crickets, crickets, and if necessary… …Dakan and Korsoth seemed strangely distant as we ventured within…to late, his blade sliced into Vincel…no choice but to flee… …our haste forgot… spirits… lieth… fear he is dead… …not thought Vincel’s injury was that serious but he sickened and died as we left the tower. We discussed…so wanted to learn more of the ICe Sea, it is fitting he should rest here. …cannot find Vincel’s half of the key to the tower, I am sure that I took it from his body. Maybe, after all it is for the best. What we discovered there should n… …fled the Ice Sea as through the hounds on the Battlelord themselves were on our tail, which some might say they were, for the Cracked Shield had been watching over our launch site and soon gave chase… …nightmare chase through the snow and ice, many times I feared for our lives of my surviving companions and myself. Flitter, despite being the smallest and least resilient of us all, launched himself aloft on his sky sail each day to try and spy out both out destination and those who pursued us. Without his valiant efforts we would have had not been able to rest and all would have perished… …seemed like an eternity of running, snatching what sleep we could, and then more running. My feet and hands became horribly frostbitten. Finally, we neared the coast. Brave Flitter took to his skysail again and flew out to hail the Spirit. By the time we reached the edge an island hopper awaited us…"

In the back of the bottom hold, there are crates of food. Two crates of salted meat, one of grain and a barrel of “Choke” Orcish mead. We transfer the foodstuffs over to our ship and discuss our next pathway toward the next point of our village. At this point we are about four days out from our destination.

After three days, we see the draining seas. The weather becomes more cold, where snow refreezes. When we are able to finally dock, we link up with twelve orcs and the leader is “Tarhog”; and around 20 goblins. There is another orc that stands next to Tarhog named Azghar, his orcish champion. The party will consist of our party, Skiller, the Brothers, and Elder. We are informed that the travel will take 12 days to make the trip. We quickly off-load and prepare to head underway.

The first day – normal with no change. On day two, we run into slight weather, slowly starting to snow. On day three, the weather turns bitter cold and wolves are starting to follow. One day four – more of the same. Day five – more of the same. Day six, everyone notices that one of the orcs is gone from the party. We are able to track his body to an outcropping around 50 meters away. He had been stabbed a half-dozen times and shoved into a crevice. We are able to determine when he was killed, when both Guenyvar and Hiron were on watch. We question them and the other orc on duty to find out if there is any information.

On day six in the afternoon, we are still being tracked by the wolves. Day seven, still painful, weather sucks and we are getting bitter… Day eight, Guenyvar and Hiron notice nothing. Geo and Dorient are next on watch. Dorient spies a trail of blood that leads between the two camps. The bodies are two more orcs dead. They challenge us to single combat to determine who is right or wrong.

Geo steps into the ring with Azghar. Geo gets smite placed upon him by Kari, and deflection from GBH. They begin to dance… Azghar hits Geo but does no damage. Geo returns the hit and swings into open air. Azghar strikes again, but does no damage. Geo strikes with Iron Palm and farts, knocking him into the ground. Azghar stands up, only to get flattened and bashed in the skull. Much rejoicing from our side…

Day nine, more of the same. We add more guards to our rotation to make sure we know what is going on with the group.

We pause as the night goes long – each reflecting on our experience tonight and gain 2 points.



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