Our Cart of Goodness

Here we have all of our Loot


As we were able to secure a cart to carry our various loot (and the occasional Drakin or Wildling), we keep most of our items together. Here is a listing of what we have to date – with ownership of specific items listed:

Mission: Gateway – To the Villa and Beyond…
Initial Contract for Mission: 150 Cogs per person; Case of Wine – approx. 200 Cogs
Contract Complete: 1,050 Cogs

Total Cogs from Salvage: 2,940 Cogs from Salvage
Final Cogs from Sale: 2,394 Cogs from Sale
Final Cogs for Shares: 6,384 Cogs

Shares at 7 = 912 Cogs

Total Cogs: 1670
Total Foodstuffs: 3 Days of Rations as of 31 May 2013

Unknown Items: 2 Bags of Dirt – Where these will lead…the journey continues

Breakdown for each aspect of the mission and loot:

Battle before the Cave
- The Wonderful Cart shown here…
- “Cabal Skeleton” etched Sword = 70 CogsSOLD

Found in the Cave:
- Flintlock Pistol with 6 rounds – Given to Kari
- Vial of “Close Wounds” – Given to Geo
- Vial of “Loft Oil” – Given to Geo
- Vial of “Loft Oil” – Given to GBH
- Fine Bottles of Wine – 24 Count – worth 400 CogsSOLD
- Cogs from Salvage: 270

Found in the Villa
- Plain Leather Armor – worth 100 CogsSOLD
- Flintlock Pistol with 6 rounds – Given to Hiron
- Bronze Long Sword +1 to Hit and Damage – Given to Dorient
- Plain War hammer – worth 100 CogsSOLD
- Cogs from Salvage: None

Found on the way to the Tower
- No equipment or gear found
- Cogs from Salvage: 70

“And at the Tower”
- Bone Bow – Given to Hiron to replace his, which broke during this battle
- Bone Bow – Given to Kari to replace hers, as her luck was as good as Hiron’s
- Steel Dagger – worth 50 CogsSOLD
- Flintlock Pistol with 6 rounds – Given to Kari
- Cogs from Salvage: 1,160
- Cogs from Golem Salvage: 100

“Under the Tower”
- “Fine-Looking” Bone Bow +1 to Damage – Given to Hiron
- Flintlock Pistol with 5 rounds – Given to Hiron
- Steel Dagger – Given to Hiron
- Steel Dagger – Given to Kari
- Steel Long Sword – Unclaimed – worth 400 CogsSOLD
- “Overcharged” Blunder-bus with six rounds – Unclaimed
- “The Raven Wing” Amulet – Grants Flesh Forge ability when worn – Unclaimed
- Cogs from Salvage: 1,270 Includes Gems

Guenyvar’s Loot – Based upon great card play also received the following:
- Spiked Gauntlet STR +d4 – worth 120 CogsSOLD
- Archaic Armor “Damned Soldier” +2 (Ornate Chain Armor worth 1200 Cogs) – SOLD
- Wizard Tome with two Spells (Battle-lust and Summon Elemental)


As this is not a single item, but a compilation of all of the items we have acquired to date there is no specific story. For more precise information please check out the Adventure Log.

Our Cart of Goodness

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