Sundered Skies

The Ship Rolls On...

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire – Staying on the ship as he is out…
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling
Aidan – NPC Orc Brother for Skiller

After the last battle, we take the gear and store it in the hold of the “Mirabelle”. In looking at our ship after the battle, we notice that the fishing nets were torn and will need replacing prior to our return to the seas. We continue on our path…

At five and a half weeks out, Elder is missing. Geo rings the bell as a warning and gets his weapons ready. Dorient looks over the side where Elder is hanging unconscious. Geo moves over to the side and starts to pull Elder up. He appears passed out, but cannot tell any other damage. He wakes and he appears to be fine from the ordeal. Kari looks him over, finds nothing of interest, asks a few questions, and then heads back to the mast. She plays a lively tune and leans against the mast.

Another half week passes and the monotony continues. The weather begins to change toward the cold and we begin to wear the heavier gear. The boat is suddenly caught in an updraft and moves upwards in a high rate of speed. The Captain looks around and heads back to bed. This goes on for three days more. During the watch for Geo and Dorient, the updraft seems to be slowing down. Geo notices another ship up and port. The Captain decides to change the sail to bring us up close to the ship. The ship appears to be damaged and the hull is rent. It does not appear to have any crew. We are able to determine that the ship is the “Spirit of Knowledge”. Was owned by Galken, a Glowmad explorer. He was last seen heading to the draining sea. We lash up and head over to the other ship.

The deck is slippery due to the ice and the ship is in disarray. The lower level has about 20 cogs from salvage. Kari and Guenyvar light lamps and looks around. Geo knocks on the door, calling out “Housekeeping”. GBH and Kari start to go topside, while Geo, Dorient and Guenyvar stay below. Geo decides to break down the barricaded doorway to the Captain’s quarters. Geo sees movement coming toward him as he clears almost 75% of the doorway. An undead glow-born rushes past Geo and Guenyvar. When he comes close to Dorient, the wildling reaches out and snags the bottle out of his arm, but not out of his grasp. Guenyvar slips past the duo and reaches the stairs. The undead is able to rip the bottle out of his hands, but Geo immediately pulls it out of his hand. The undead pulls it back and makes a bee-line for the stairs. Geo grapples him to the floor. Kari hears the commotion and pulls her flintlock and faces down into the hold. Dorient snatches the bottle and heads toward the stairs. Geo attempts to subdue the undead. Guenyvar takes a look around the quarters. She sees a second corpse with another shot to the head – self inflicted.

Within the captain’s quarters:
– long sword
– potion (unidentified)
– chain hauberk
– fine short sword – 150 cogs each – times 2
– six bottles of elven wine – each worth 25 cogs…
– Strangely twisted metal amulet around the neck of the undead
– flintlock pistol with 2 rounds

With a bang, a group of skitterlings appears both on our ship from the side of the hull and directly into the listing ship through the hole in the hull by the crew quarters. As they swarm the deck, they attack Hiron, while the brothers run to the other side of the ship. Hiron is able to soak his wounds, but remains shaken. GBH is attacked by the rats from hell (wildlings) and ends up shaken. Hiron, flips over two of the rats and strikes out with his dagger. He does not do any damage – but looks cool doing it. Geo strikes out but does no damage. Dorient also strikes out shakes one. Volrog is able to hit his enemy and shakes him. GBH is able to remove his shaken and casts deflection on himself. Kari sights between GBHs legs and kills one of the rats with a shot between the eyes.

GBH yells and smashes one of the rats in front of him. Kari shoots another one between the eyes, while Geo crushes another. Guenyvar slips around Geo, while Hiron attacks from the side. He is unsuccessful, though Guenyvar is able to kill his opponent. The rats counter and Guenyvar is shaken. Geo swipes at the rat in front of him and crushes another one. Guenyvar is able to move into a defensive position. Dorient strikes out against a rat and shakes him. GBH misses his attack. Volrog is able to kill one of them as they approach him.

Dorient finally kills one, after all this time… Geo takes one out after Dorient and calls out – “5” as he laughs… Hiron gets to his feet while Kari jumps across from the listing ship to where Hiron is standing. Guenyvar is able to stand up and take a defensive position. Hiron jumps up into the air and twin kicks one of the rats in the chest, knocking him overboard. Dorient flails at the last one and kills it. We as a group are able to route the rest of the skitterlings.

We clean off the decks and gather around Dorient as he reads the journal from Galken.

“…docked with the Draining Sea near an outcrop of ice shaped like one of the leaping panthers of Heartland… …too close to the Palace, maybe we disturbed him, whatever the reason the water became rough and dangerous… …time to record some of our thoughts on this strange habitat… …home to more creatures than one would expect given its frozen and barren state. Examples of bears, wolves, and many types of skyler. The water teems with life. The fish of legend, or rage given life? The orcs who live and mine the Draining Sea… …creatures brought to the island by… …the flying life arrived via styler… …eggs and the water based life like-wise. More exotic creatures dwell on the Draining Sea as well; Ice… …been infected by the Battlelord’s rage, roam f… …burrow through the tundra huning the grubs of the ice crickets while legends tell o… …chain is reliant upon the ice crickets, an insect found on the relatively warm edge of the ice sea. It has a wingspan of a foot and is… …grubs within hibernate for many years before emerging. During this time the ice slowly moves outwards… …9” long… …fish eat the grubs and smaller fish. Skylers eat grubs, crickets and the… bears and wolves eat the fish (?), crickets, crickets, and if necessary… …Dakan and Korsoth seemed strangely distant as we ventured within…to late, his blade sliced into Vincel…no choice but to flee… …our haste forgot… spirits… lieth… fear he is dead… …not thought Vincel’s injury was that serious but he sickened and died as we left the tower. We discussed…so wanted to learn more of the ICe Sea, it is fitting he should rest here. …cannot find Vincel’s half of the key to the tower, I am sure that I took it from his body. Maybe, after all it is for the best. What we discovered there should n… …fled the Ice Sea as through the hounds on the Battlelord themselves were on our tail, which some might say they were, for the Cracked Shield had been watching over our launch site and soon gave chase… …nightmare chase through the snow and ice, many times I feared for our lives of my surviving companions and myself. Flitter, despite being the smallest and least resilient of us all, launched himself aloft on his sky sail each day to try and spy out both out destination and those who pursued us. Without his valiant efforts we would have had not been able to rest and all would have perished… …seemed like an eternity of running, snatching what sleep we could, and then more running. My feet and hands became horribly frostbitten. Finally, we neared the coast. Brave Flitter took to his skysail again and flew out to hail the Spirit. By the time we reached the edge an island hopper awaited us…"

In the back of the bottom hold, there are crates of food. Two crates of salted meat, one of grain and a barrel of “Choke” Orcish mead. We transfer the foodstuffs over to our ship and discuss our next pathway toward the next point of our village. At this point we are about four days out from our destination.

After three days, we see the draining seas. The weather becomes more cold, where snow refreezes. When we are able to finally dock, we link up with twelve orcs and the leader is “Tarhog”; and around 20 goblins. There is another orc that stands next to Tarhog named Azghar, his orcish champion. The party will consist of our party, Skiller, the Brothers, and Elder. We are informed that the travel will take 12 days to make the trip. We quickly off-load and prepare to head underway.

The first day – normal with no change. On day two, we run into slight weather, slowly starting to snow. On day three, the weather turns bitter cold and wolves are starting to follow. One day four – more of the same. Day five – more of the same. Day six, everyone notices that one of the orcs is gone from the party. We are able to track his body to an outcropping around 50 meters away. He had been stabbed a half-dozen times and shoved into a crevice. We are able to determine when he was killed, when both Guenyvar and Hiron were on watch. We question them and the other orc on duty to find out if there is any information.

On day six in the afternoon, we are still being tracked by the wolves. Day seven, still painful, weather sucks and we are getting bitter… Day eight, Guenyvar and Hiron notice nothing. Geo and Dorient are next on watch. Dorient spies a trail of blood that leads between the two camps. The bodies are two more orcs dead. They challenge us to single combat to determine who is right or wrong.

Geo steps into the ring with Azghar. Geo gets smite placed upon him by Kari, and deflection from GBH. They begin to dance… Azghar hits Geo but does no damage. Geo returns the hit and swings into open air. Azghar strikes again, but does no damage. Geo strikes with Iron Palm and farts, knocking him into the ground. Azghar stands up, only to get flattened and bashed in the skull. Much rejoicing from our side…

Day nine, more of the same. We add more guards to our rotation to make sure we know what is going on with the group.

We pause as the night goes long – each reflecting on our experience tonight and gain 2 points.

And Another Adventure Begins

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf – Not available
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling – Not available
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling

As we have returned to Gateway, we take the time to sell the extra gear we collected, repaired and replaced any broken equipment. Any outstanding accounts were resolved, and Kari encouraged Gronk to grab a bar of soap and hang outside Naked for some rain…

Once everything is settled we are hanging out at a local tavern having a pint. Kari is singing for our supper. Midway through the performance, Arnen enters the tavern with a man in tow. Arnen has been telling his friends of our accomplishments, in addition to the story telling Kari has translated into song.

Arnen introduced Hawk, his friend that is in tow. He is a fairly well known individual in Gateway and acts as a trader and supplier for Arnen. He has a business proposition for us. Arnen requests our assistance. He has a man, Skiller, who is a scavenger is going to the Draining Sea. He was wondering if we would like to go along. Each member will get one share for participation. He has a ship at the docks called the “Mirrabelle” a frigate.

As an aside, Sapphire requests help with negotiation for shares.

In the morning once everyone is up and moving, albeit some better than others due to the amount of liquor some drank the night before. GBH, Kari, Sapphire, Hiron, and Guenyvar all head down to the docks. As the port is quite busy, we approach the dock master and find out that the “Mirrabelle” is on dock 50. There is a skiff “Rosy” beside the berthing.

Skiller is found and Gronk and Kari enter the cabin with Skiller to discuss the trip and discuss fees. Skiller launches into a tale…
" Ice claw tribe"

Skiller offers the group 14 shares for the work of going on this adventure. We are also given 50 cogs each to start off with and are given a day to get gear and get back to the ship.

Ice Bear Clan will roll Rosy from the edge of the clan lands to the Draining Lake

After a luxurious four weeks into our journey we run into trouble…

While on watch, Guenyvar and Hiron notice they are not alone. They ignore the warnings, but after the enemy ship fires upon us, Hiron leaps into action. He has Guenyvar wake the others and Hiron rings the warning bell. Our catapult fires, but misses. They return fire with four cannons and hit. The ships continue to spin around and attempt another broadside. More shots are fired and missed, Skiller and the rest of the crew are starting to arrive on deck. Skiller takes over the helm, while the rest of the crew gets into position to repel the boarding party.

Both ships are tied together and the pirate crew swarms to the deck. Mass fighting ensues. The Pirate Captain arrives on deck and immediately starts to climb up to Hiron who climbed the main mast for a better view. Panicking and afraid the Pirate captain is coming for the necklace “Raven Wing” Hiron attempts to remove the necklace. He cannot take it off so he decides to fight the Captain. After dispatching the rest of the Pirate Crew we all point our weapons upward and yell at the Captain: “Jump, we’ll catch you”. To our disappointment the Captain did not jump. In a moment of inspiration Gronk grabs a grappling hook and throws it at the Pirate Captain, snagging him on the back of his belt. Frustrated, the Captain does an acrobatic back flip off the mast and lands behind Gronk. Us all in our skivvies we manage to gang up and take him down.

Cogs – 500 salvage
Pirate Captain – Steel Knife, Steel Cutlass, and Flintlock (rounds 2) and chain Halberd.

We scuttle the ship and move on our merry way…

Beneath The Tower

And we go again into the breach…

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire Wing – Drakin
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling – Not available – will be played by Joe Tonight
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling

As we rest from the last adventure and reflect upon what has gone on so far – we note that Sapphire Wing is still remaining with the cart for tonight’s adventure. We recoup from the fighting by resting for over 14 hours. During this time, Geo and Dorient will take the first watch, Hiron and GBH the second, with Kari and Guenyvar the last watch. This allows all of our players to get our power points back to normal levels.

As we begin, at hour 11, Kari hears climbing sounds coming from the hole in the ground. She asks Guenyvar to wake everyone and to prepare for battle. Kari hears something moving in the hole, she fires blindly, but misses. Something hits her on the back and she in propelled into the hole. She is able to make a quick grab at the side and is holding on. Geo, as he approaches, sees a Death Priest at the hole. Kari is able to climb out of the hole and throw herself to the side. GBH starts to run down the corridor toward the Death Priest. Guenyvar takes a moment to light a torch. Dorient runs forward with Geo. Hiron starts to run as well. The Death Priest calls forth a stone minion, and a second enemy appears and also summons another minion. GBH runs forward with his shield at the front. GBH, Kari, and Dorient are all hit by ice bolts sent from the Death Priest. Kari and Dorient were both shaken by this attempt. Dorient and Kari are able to remove the shaken and move backward.

Geo engages the first stone minion. The minion becomes shaken. Dorient takes the opportunity to attack, hits him and kills him. Kari is hit again and becomes shaken. GBH is hit by three bolts of ice. All bounce of his incredibly thick skin, doing nothing. The first stone minion attacks Dorient and gets him shaken. Sapphire gets pissed off and fires three flaming bolts at the Death Priest. The first bolt hits the death priest and it fizzles; the second hits but also does nothing. GBH, as he is running at the Death Priest, pushes the Death Priest and uses his “Orgasmic Stun” ability. The Death Priest falls into the hole.

Kari rolls away from her opponent taking a glancing hit on the back that does no damage. Sapphire again launches three flaming bolts at the remaining Death Priest. The Death Priest explodes into flame and crumples to the floor. Kari takes a moment to start to light another candle. GBH stands at the hole, pacing back and forth and muttering under his breath, “where did he go… I want to play with him more…” The remaining stone minion is in combat with Geo, Dorient, and Guenyvar. Geo takes a swing at the minion and crushes him into oblivion.

As the group looks down into the hole, Guenyvar throws her torch down the hole, by the light of the torch they see a concrete floor with several dead bodies. As we have three ropes, we secure all three on the sides of the hole and Geo, Dorient, and Guenyvar all go down the hole first, with Kari, Hiron, and Sapphire providing overwatch. GBH looks on and mutters under his breath, “little man go bye bye. Where did he go?”

We all climb down to the floor and look around. It appears the group is in the bottom of an arena type enclosure. There is another doorway on the next level up. The group is able to make it to the level and look into the next room. We find another body with spears in the front and believe the room to be a workshop of some sort. Various machines are around the room, but they have not been used for several/many years. Geo and GBH lead the way, followed by Guenyvar with a torch. Hiron climbs to the ceiling, with Dorient, Kari, and Sapphire bringing up the rear. We approach another doorway to the left, and take a look into the room. It appears to be a smithy, with forges, racks of metal, anvils, and smelters. There are two bodies on the floor in decomposed states. Kari, taking the opportunity to study the bodies as she passes, notes the bodies may have come from a pirate background. The story starts to sing to her, when GBH and Geo, as they enter the next room cry out in surprise as a darkness falls over them.

As a group, minus GBH and Sapphire due to position, we are hit with a frost blast. Geo is shaken and Dorient is fatigued by the blast. Guenyvar and Dorient are able to spot the “Death Priest” hiding behind the wall and shooting magic through a slot of the wall. GBH attempts to stun him, but misses. Guenyvar starts to run to the right up the stairs. The “Death Priest” fires his bolts at both GBH and Hiron. Hiron is stunned and GBH takes a hit and a wound. Kari moves forward and heals GBH of his wounds and then gets into the prone position. Sapphire moves into the room by Dorient, with Geo and Guenyvar going up the other side. GBH tries again to stun the “Death Priest”, but is not able to make it orgasmic. Sapphire is able to get behind the “Death Priest”, but he was not able to do any damage. Guenyvar moved around the corner and is able to see the “Death Priest” unhindered. Kari leaps off the floor and slides closer toward the wall. The “Death Priest” retaliates and launches three ice bolts at Geo, Guenyvar, and Sapphire. Guenyvar and Sapphire are able to soak the damage, while Geo is again shaken.

Dorient moves into combat range and hits the “Death Priest” but does no damage. Geo is able to un-shake himself and move toward the “Death Priest”. Dorient strikes again at the “Death Priest” and shakes him. The “Death Priest” fires three ice bolts as he falls, shaking Sapphire and Dorient. GBH and Kari move toward the stairs.

Sapphire attempts to un-shake, but does not succeed. Guenyvar strikes at the “Death Priest” and causes another wound on the “Death Priest”. Geo and GBH run at the “Death Priest” and finally reach him to engage in combat and kills him.

The “Death Priest” had one flintlock pistol with 5 rounds; steel dagger; a “fine-looking” bone bow +1 to Damage with three arrows; and 200 cogs of salvage.

The door to the side, where Kari was standing beside was locked. Dorient is able to recognize that the door is trapped and successfully unlocks the door and disarms the trap. As we walk in, the room appears to be a council chamber, with a long table in the center and various papers. Kari looks at the papers and is able to recognize the type of information and that all together, they are worth around 50 Cogs. Kari also notices that there are two bags of dirt on the credenza. The floor opens up as Kari removes the bags, but she quickly steps to the side. The stairs to right of the room lead downward. Geo, GBH, and Kari start down the stairs. The room is filled with runes – a ritual chamber – with three bowls; copper chased with gold and set with emeralds, bronze etched with silver and amber, and iron engraved with onyx and opals. Geo makes a note to come back after we explore to see how many gems he will be able to remove from the bowls.

The next room is a private room with leather hides on the walls, dressers, and a bed with a dead body laying. Kari is able to recognize several aspects about the body and is able to identify the tomb as “Grath the Unhearted”. He was a Cabal Pirate who terrorized the cities around this location. Geo is able to find several gems worth about 70 Cogs. Sapphire, having a better understanding of how the islands move, figured that this island hit another island and the tower and surrounding tomb was pushed underground by this event.

Sapphire notices the actual tomb and through the inscription, was able to confirm that “Grath the Unhearted” was lain within. Geo and GBH attempt to move the top of the tomb. Sapphire, GBH, Geo, and Kari all look into the tomb. The body has a black powder weapon, called “Overcharged” next to him with six shots. There is also a steel long sword and a steel dagger. The body also has a amulet with wings on it, called “The Raven Wing”. It allows a flesh-forge attribute to whomever wears it.

Geo, GBH, and Kari walk to the ritual room and look at the bowls. As Sapphire lifts the amulet, the skeletons within the room come to life and start to surround the remaining heroes. Dorient attacks the first skeleton and kills it outright. Guenyvar fires three bolts but they all miss. GBH, Geo, and Kari all run toward the room as they hear the fight break out.

Hiron fires, but misses the target. The skeletons move closer engaging Dorient, Guenyvar, Sapphire, and Hiron. Sapphire jukes to the right and left, weaving through the bone yard, dodging all the way. Two surround Dorient, three surround Guenyvar, one on GBH, and three uncommitted. Hiron kills one from the shadows. Dorient slams into one of the skeletons and breaks it into a million pieces. Sapphire prays to the gods and blesses Geo and GBH with a +4 to their next trait roll. He gains new power and fires two flaming bolts and shakes one and blows up the second. Geo runs forward and crushes the skeleton Sapphire shook. Hiron shoots from the shadows and kills another one. Guenyvar using her sword and claw, kills both skeletons around her. Dorient swings and kills the last skeleton.

Geo returns to the ritual room and is able to remove enough gems to get a 1,000 Cogs worth.

As we wind our way back up through the floors, we meet with the prisoners that were remaining in the tower, we find out that there is a ship landing at the wharf outside the tower. We are able to gain passage with the frigate back to the city of Gateway. We meet up back at the tavern and discuss our trip. Each party member gains 3 experience points.

Another Night Out...For the Tower Cometh...

When we last left our adventurers, the group was near the tower. As we gather again for a night of fun, the following were able to play:

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire Wing – Drakin – Not available – will remain with the cart.
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc – Played by Brian in Eric’s absence
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling

The heroes are currently in the copse of trees where the watch point/perimeter station was kept. As we gather to discuss our plans, the discussion for the bronze sword comes up again. Arguments for those who might be able to use these items are now between either Dorient or Guenyvar. Dorient won the bronze long sword. As for the vials, Geo received one vial of loft oil and one vial of close wounds. GBH received the other vial of loft oil.

As we begin, Sapphire Wing set up his telescope for us to take a better look at the tower and the surrounding area. Geo takes the first look and noticed that there are shadows and movement at the top of the tower. He was not able to distinguish any further details though. Kari looked through the telescope after Geo and was able to see that the dirt being placed around the base of the tower does not look as if it is from the surrounding area. Geo believed the dirt to be from the base of the tower, perhaps underground within the tower’s location, such as a cellar or basement tunnel. Kari looks at the surrounding area and notes that there are two paths to the base of the tower, one which follows the road with minor tree cover, or a shorter route to the base of the hill the tower resides on, but does have a manageable climb to get to the base of the tower. The group plans to take the shorter route. Guenyvar suggests the wildlings climb the area and cast down ropes if needed. We decide to take this plan.

Everyone takes a stealthy approach, with Guenyvar throwing dirt on her scales to make her appearance not so shiny. As a group, we make it to the second group of trees, without any change in the tower or other personnel. Kari gives rope to Dorient so both Dorient and Hiron have rope for the climb. Both have stealth so will make the climb to the base of the tower. They motion the rest of the group forward and we are able to climb up to the low wall surrounding the tower.

As a group, we are able to hear talking and murmuring from the front doorway. Hiron is able to hear orders being given from within the tower. The group moves forward with Geo leading the way. GBH follows, then Dorient, Guenyvar, Hiron, and Kari bringing up the rear. We enter the tower and see two “Damned Soldiers”, in which Kari recognized them as coming from hell.

We enter combat, with Geo taking on the one on the right and GBH taking on the one on the left. Dorient moves forward and engages in melee with Geo. Dorient misses. Geo attempts to hit him and misses as well. Guenyvar attacked the guy on the left and missed. GBH swings his mighty warhammer and kills the “Damned Soldier” with one hit. Kari moves forward and notices that the rooms on either side are meant for sleeping but are empty. Hiron hears sounds coming from the front. Geo re-engages, hits, but does no damage. Guenyvar moves to engage the “damned Soldier”, hits him, but no damage. Dorient and Hiron both engage the soldier. Dorient and Hiron both hit, but do no damage.

From the front of the tower, Hiron hears clinking of armor as someone is moving toward the entrance. Hiron relays the information and fires an arrow at the “Damned Soldier” shaking him. Kari turns around and faces the entrance. GBH is maintaining watch on the stairs. Dorient attacks the soldier and misses. Geo attacks again and with a furious scream crushes the soldier into a pile of goo. Guenyvar casts deflection on herself.

Geo moves back to the entrance to cover with Guenyvar. GBH and Kari both hold action waiting for something else to appear. Dorient moves toward the entrance and attempts to hide in the corner. “Damned Golem” showes up around the corner. Hiron is feared by the appearance of the golem but his adreniline surges. The golem fires a spike with a chain at Geo, but misses.

GBH sees four “Damned Soldiers” come down the stairs. He moves forward and crushes one of them. Guenyvar fires three bolts, fries one and does not damage the others, though the missiles do no damage. Kari fires one arrow and kills one of the soldiers. There is only one soldier left on the stairs and the golem at the front entrance.

Hiron shoots the golem and it bounces off without any damage. Dorient runs up to the golem and hits the golem. Unfortunately the sword does no damage.

On the other side of the hallway, GBH takes out the last soldier and crushes him. He hears more soldiers coming down the stairs and prepares for more butt kicking.

The golem attacks Dorient, but misses him as Dorient juked to the right evading the attack. Geo attacks the golem, but misses. Guenyvar sends two bolts at the golem, with no damage by either.

Down the stairs comes four soldiers and a death priest. GBH is hit by one of three attacks and takes a hit and two wounds. The death priest launches three bolts of ice, with one hitting Kari and two hitting Guenyvar. Kari is shaken from the hit and Guenyvar is shaken from one bolt and and soaks the damage from the second round. GBH also soaks one of the wounds. Kari runs forward, heals GBH for one wound and he is able to become unshaken. He swings at one of the soldiers in front of him and shakes him. Hiron fires at one of the soldiers on the stairs and the arrow bounces off.

Dorient goes to attack the golem yet again and misses. Guenyvar and Hiron are hit with a fear bolt. Hiron gains a phobia of “Damned Soldiers” for life at a minus one. Guenyvar panics and runs into one of the rooms on the left, cowering into the corner. Geo attacks the golem, hitting him, but doing no damage. Guenyvar is able to undo the shaken and moves back into the corridor. She attempts to intimidate the death priest, but does not succeed. Guenyvar fires three bolts at the group on the stairs. Two bolts go into the floor, but the third bolt hits the target and shakes the target.

One soldier spits at GBH, but misses. The wall sizzles where it is hit. GBH and Kari both miss their attacks. The soldiers return action, two miss, but one hits GBH but does no damage. The archer in the background is able to hit GBH, but bounces off his chest. The death priest focuses on Guenyvar and absorbs spell points. Hiron fires an arrow at one of the soldiers on the stairs and kills him. Dorient attacks the golem, hits but does no damage. Geo attempts to grapple the golem to the ground. Guenyvar moves forward and intimidates one of the soldiers, who becomes shaken. The golem breaks the grapple from Geo, but is unable to do more.

Geo re-engages the grapple and throws the golem to the ground. Guenyvar moves into melee range and kills one of the soldiers. Death priest launches three ice bolts, GBH shrugs off the bolt, but both Guenyvar and Kari become shaken. Kari shakes off the shaken, while GBH crushes the soldier in front of him. Kari shoots the death priest and shakes him. Hiron shoots at the “Damned Soldier” archer, but misses. Dorient hits the golem but does no damage. The golem roars and throws Geo off of him yet again.

The death priest remains shaken, while the “Damned Soldier” archer misses GBH. The golem used an improved sweep against both Dorient and Geo but do no damage to either. Geo re-grapples the Golem yet again. Guenyvar is able to be unshaken and attacks the soldier but to no avail. Hiron attempts to shoot the death priest but his bow snaps in half. Dorient attacks the Golem and hits, shaking the golem. The was much rejoicing and astonishment from the peanut gallery. GBH hits but does no damage. Kari attempts to fire at the death priest but misses.

Geo attempts to do more damage through the grapple, but does no damage. GBH misses his attack. Kari’s bow snaps as she draws it back and curses as the string snaps back. Guenyvar misses her attack. Hiron moves forward and fires his flintlock pistol at the death priest. His shot hits and shakes the priest. Dorient attacks the golem, but misses.

GBH attacks and makes the soldier shaken. Kari trades pistols with Hiron and reloads the empty gun. Hiron shoots the death priest and hits him with a wound and a shaken. Dorient hits the golem but to no avail. The golem shrugs and knocks Geo loose. Geo attempts to grapple but is not successful. Guenyvar runs at the death priest and kills him with vengeance.

Geo grapples the golem yet again – same story yet again. Guenyvar moves behind and takes out the soldier from behind. As the fighting in this end of the corridor comes to a close, the rest of the party goes back to the entrance and goes against the golem. Everyone starts to pummel the golem with Kari doing checks on the corridors to make sure that nothing else is going on. Guenyvar is able to wound the golem. The golem is now unshaken, but unable to do anything. Dorient is able to wound him again, thus making a second wound on the golem. Kari still does not notice anything while the rest of the group is taking on the golem. As the golem succumbs to the multiple blows, it explodes. Hiron is shaken by the explosion, but recovers.

All in all, the party was able to take out 10 “Damned Soldiers”, 1 Golem, and 1 Death Priest. We were able to recover and secure the first floor and recover 1,160 cogs worth of salvage and a bone bow; the Death Priest had one flintlock pistol (6 rounds), a dagger, and a bone bow. Guenyvar was able to recover a spiked gauntlet (strength +d4) and archaic armor +2 (chain/ornate armor worth approx. 1200 cogs – human sized), and a tome (book of wizard spells – containing two spells); from the golem – there was 100 cogs worth of good salvage.

As we search the rest of the tower, the basement contains four cells with about 15 prisoners. GBH and Kari work to free the prisoners and hear their stories. They have been digging under the tower for the death priest. Two priests went into the tunnel below the tower.

Geo and Dorient go down the tunnel to follow the path that was excavated. Geo secures the rope so that anyone down in the hole they discovered cannot get back up. We decide to rest for the night/evening and reflect upon the day’s events, gaining 3 experience points each.

And we meet again...

As we start our adventure once again…

D-Lash – GM of all
D-Bay – Sapphire Wing – Drakin
Eric – Gronk the Broken Hearted (GBH) – Orc
Ethan – Hiron – Wildling
Ken – Geo – Dwarf
Kelly – Dorient – Wildling
Brae – Guenyvar Brightscales – Drakin
Brian – Kari Ann Thendos – Wildling

As we search through the villa, we meet up with the woman again and have not found either the brother or other personnel. There is a cellar in the villa (with prisoners). The prisoners turn out to be Dorient and Guenyvar, which will be joining our party. Tusk takes this opportunity to escort the daughter of the vintner back to the tavern for safekeeping.

Most of the wine cellar is already broken and based upon discussions with the daughter, there was a larger group of bandits that left earlier to the East with any other gear. Dorient and Kari go to the orchard and are able to secure two (2) days worth of grapes and rations. As a group we rest at the villa for six hours – two people per watch for three watches. The watches go smoothly without any issues.

In the morning we set out to the East. GBH finds tracks to the East and we start in that direction. As we are walking, Dorient is starting to fall behind due to our pace. Geo lets us know and we start to slow our pace. Dorient is fatigued as we continue. Geo throws him onto the cart like rough luggage. The area is starting to be even more wooded as we travel. Geo notes that the tracks are around a week old and it will take a while for us to catch up. We find a very nice defensible rock outcropping for us to rest. We have traveled around 15 hours this day.

As we camp for the night, GBH loves us all and I play a nice tune to put everyone at ease. Guenyvar preens and grooms herself as she settles down. During the second watch, both Geo and Guenyvar feel uneasy, though Geo is certain it is coming from the tree-line. Geo wakes GBH and he also feels uneasy from the same direction as Geo. Based upon their feelings, everyone is woken and is prepared to react as necessary.

GBH and Kari start to walk toward the woods, whilst Sapphire uses his special vision to peer into the woods. Sapphire is able to recognize that the trees are actually creating the uneasy feeling and are the cause of the problem.

The trees attack first with barbed thorny branches from the side – Geo, Dorient, Hiron, and Sapphire are attacked first. They successfully move out of the way as they dodge from the thorn beast’s attack.

As the fight ensures, the thorn beasts attack the party with massive branches hard as iron and barbed with thorns. Everyone scatters except Hiron, thinking the thorn beast is actually a tree, decides to climb to the very top and now is riding it in the first ever “Thorn Beast Rodeo”.

Guenyvar kills two thorn beasts with her fire bolts and shakes a third. Sapphire takes out the shaken thorn beast while it is down. GBH hits “non-leathally” and knocks another one out.

This leaves one last thorn beast, still being ridden by Hiron. It starts a “whirling dervish” move to no success and Hiron holds on for at least eight seconds. GBH is able to knock it down. Sapphire takes advantage of his four foot height and kills it whilst it is down.

For clean up, the party realizes that Sapphire has lost his sleeping tarp to battle damage. We rest for four hours before we start to move on.

While walking, Geo notices that we are coming up to a break in the isle between the two pieces. There is approximately a 10 foot gap between the two sides. It looks as if the planks for the land bridge were pulled over to the other side once the group passed. The Drakin believe that there are people hiding in the trees across the way. Sapphire sets up his telescope and discovers that the folks across the way are orcs. GBH and Kari are going down to the gap together to persuade the orcs to extend the planks for the bridge.

Kari and GBH successfully persuade the orcs to lay the planks for the bridge. The orc warns us to stay away from the tower. Kari talks the orc into leaving the planks in place. GBH circles back and is able to talk one of the four orcs to go with him around the corner to look for Kari. During this time, Dorient and Hiron were able to successfully sneak across the bridge and into the trees on the opposite side. Geo and Guenyvar are working their way toward the bridge, plainly in view. GBH and the orc are playing “patty cake patty cake” with battle-axes. One of the orcs notices Geo and Guenyvar and yells, “Ambush”. Guenyvar moves closer to the three remaining orcs to start melee. Geo growls loudly and runs and attacks one of the orcs. Geo stubs his toe and grimaces in pain.

Hiron shoots one of the orcs and kills him. Geo hits the orc he is fighting and shakes him. Dorient moves into melee range and bounces off his armor. Hiron attempts to move and shoot, but ends up damaging his bow and snapping part of the bow. One particularly nasty orc, takes a strong dislike to Guenyvar because he does not like the color green and hits her causing two wounds and shaking her. Guenyvar is able to recover from the wounds, but is not able to move. Kari moves past GBH and heads toward Guenyvar.

GBH, while showing the orc some “love”, is successful in knocking out his orc to the land of nod. The shaken orc in front of Geo is still stumbling. Dorient engages the shaken orc with a wild yell and crushes him. Hiron attempts to fire at one of the orcs and misses. Geo, noticing his opponent was killed by Dorient, moves over to assist Guenyvar and shakes him. Guenyvar kills the last orc with her short sword. Kari heals Guenyvar while Geo recovers the cart with Sapphire. Hiron recovers his arrows and the rest of the team scavenges the area. We find enough salvage for 70 cogs.

GBH and Kari tie up the last orc.

We continue down the path and see in the distance the outlines of a tower. While walking Guenyvar is able to identify the vials as loft oil x2 and 1 potion of close wounds; bronze long sword (degradable) +1 to hit fighting rolls and +1 to parry. Further discussion ensured as to who will get the items. The discussion moved to assessing the placement and ability of the tower. There are piles of earth around the tower at different points. We decided to wait for a few hours to assess any movement.

Since both Dorient and Guenyvar were tied up back at the villa, they identified several folks that were being forced to assist with the excavation of the tower. Kari and Hiron are both very curious as to what the excavation is about. Sapphire suggests we wait to see if there is any further activity. Within a couple of hours, two orcs leave the tower and are headed to the copse of trees toward the base of the hill. They swap out with two orcs that were maintaining a perimeter there and the relieved orcs head back to the tower. Once the orcs heading to the tower are out of sight, Hiron and Dorient sneak toward the perimeter station. Both wildlings are stealthily hidden behind the orcs. Once they are in position, GBH and Kari begin to walk up the path toward the perimeter station. Geo runs past GBH and sticks out his tongue. The orcs, noticing the running dwarf, decide to fire a couple of arrows toward him. They miss.

Guenyvar launches three fire bolts but they are more like fireworks and really don’t do anything. The orcs, in retaliation, run like hell toward the tower after firing a few arrows. Hiron shoots his bow at the fleeing orc and shakes him by shooting him through the leg. Dorient runs forward and engages the orc that Hiron shot, and takes the orc out. GBH and Geo start to run toward the trees where the orcs where holding their watch.

Hiron fires an arrow at the last orc while Dorient attempts to tackle him. Hiron kills him with a critical shot to the face. The group moves into the trees where the orcs were keeping watch and we recover a half day’s rations. At this point we have four and a half days rations for the group. As we reflect upon the activities for this session we gain 2 experience points for each character.

Second Part

We left the cave and made our way to the villa. The villa is down in the valley and we could see the villa and the orchard. We noticed there were people in the orchard so decided to go to the orchard first.

There were screams from a woman in the orchard and we found a woman that was in the process of being ravaged. We engaged in combat and saved the woman, who turned out to be the daughter of the vintner. We heal her wounds and listen to her story.

At the villa, we were able to take on the villa by climbing on the roof and creating an ambush.

We recovered – leather armor, shinny longsword, flintlock pistol (six loads) and a war hammer. The villa was previously ransacked by the orcs and there is nothing left to salvage. As we reflect on the day’s activities, we each received 2 experience points.

October 5th, 2012 Session

The players begin in Gateway which is the largest settlement in The Shattered City. A cesspool of races, the town is dangerous and a place adventurer’s come to make a fortune in the ruins spread
throughout the shattered islands.

We are in Arnon’s Western Winds Tavern on the eastern edge of the city, he is looking for a group of adventurers to help him. The Western Winds Tavern is known for its wine selection.

He calls us into a back room. He has a bit of a problem, his brother Tyren Hir, has a small villa 3 days east of here. It’s in a valley which receives rain everyday and the ground is very fertile. That is where he gets his wine. His brother’s shipment is late. He needs us to find out why they are late. He will pay us 150 cogs per person plus a case of wine that sells for 200 cogs. The characters ask for a weeks worth of rations and food.
He draws us a map. It will be 3 normal traveling days walking. He prepares.
After a day of walking, most of us are dragging except the dwarf. It has been 10 hours (as we calculate) so we stop.
There are some light trees. That’s where we set up camp. Survival roles we find some shade. Keri plays a light tune to raise our spirits. Sapphire is already asleep. Single watches for 2 hours. We stay for 10 hours. Everyone makes a spirit roll for glow-madness.
Geo is getting glow mad. He is irritable. The beloved will help the next day.
Nothing occurs during the watch.

We begin walking the next day. Sapphire again is fatigued but only after 6 hours, so we stop again. Successful survival roles we find a decent place to look. But after 10 min Keri sees something shiny.
Despite being fatigued we head to it.
There is someone lying in the road with 2 arrows sticking out. Keri casts Smite on Geo’s fists .
The body has 2 arrows sticking out of his chest, maybe a week old. He is gross. No identification. Normal cloths, likely a farm hand. This might be the brother’s man. There looks like there was a battle. 50 feet to the left behind some outcropping, there is another person and a cart in the brush.
Sapphire, Keri, and Geo went to cart. Gronk and Tusk go to the body.
The cart is behind the rock, it is empty. It’s a rickshaw.
The body had some degradable armor. He is dead and gutted, hacked at. There is a sword lying next to him. Etched into the sword is a skeleton claw of cabal. GBH screams and tries to break the sword. Keri plays chariots of fire while running to Gronk. And now that we think of it cabal uses black arrows. So Gronk breaks them.
The sword is worth 70 cogs of salvage.
There are tracks leading north. We have no idea what made the tracks.
We discuss which way we should go, the track or to the valley.
So we still need to rest. Briefly so sapphire doesn’t whine. Put bags in cart, head off north.
After following the tracks for ½ an hour. We find ourselves at the edge of the island. But we see a rope ladder that seems to be attached to the cliff. \
It appears to go down about 60 yards and then there are a series of cliffs and ledges and ropes. This seems to be the only way down.
Geo goes down first with a rope tied around him. Than we go down one at a time. He slips once but Gronk catches him. At the bottom he is on a ledge. Their might be a cave looking off the island to the right there is a seris of rope bridges and ledges and it looks like there might be a cave at the other side. 200 yards to the cave.
Geo unties his safety line. And we all come down one at a time. Keri goes last.
Gronk losses his grip but the dwarf holds the rope and we are all down.
Geo goes first. We all follow to the first stage. Tusk falls this time but Geo saves him this time.
Next time Sapphire falls. But Geo catches me again.
Final time everyone makes it.
Order is: Geo, Keri, Tusk, Sapphire, GTB
We approach as stealthily as we can. There is a large rug hanging on the top of the cave entrance.
We all make notice rolls. Tusk and Geo hear voices inside.
Geo steps in, spells are cast, deflect and vibrate
Geo slips inside. A moderate size cavern. There are some gentlemen playing cards, they do not notice us even though glow light shines in. There are sleeping mats and beds, cloths, sleeping rolls, torches, there is a ledge against one wall with a whole bunch of cabal swords and arrows.
As Geo steps in a guard stabs him from the side. He is human and dirty.
Geo pounds him. But he parries.
Keri moves into the room, fires an arrow at him but misses.
Tusk moves into the room, assesses the situation, and engages the guard with his rapier hits but no damage.
Sapphire follows in, but does not do anything.
Tusk attacks again, and kills him. Geo and Keri move into the room. Keri fires an arrow at the card players. One dies with an arrow in his throat. GTB runs in to stop the killing. A guard comes around the corner and shoots at GTB. He is wounded. Sapphire fires at the one that shot GTB and kills him.
Another steps in and shoots at Geo. Geo blocks it. He then takes cover.
Gronk tries to tell everyone to stop and love each other as he takes cover.
The Cabal yells out that we should than leave, Cabal intimidates Gronk. Tusk runs in. Keri moves in and fires at the guy in cover. Sapphire moves to cover and summons his Ally. Geo moved further in to engage.
GTB overcomes his intimidation and then walks in and tries to persuaded them to surrender. They don’t, Sapphire’s Ally stomps forward but doesn’t attack. Sapphire tries to intimidate them but fails. Keri fires an arrow but her bow degrades. Geo goes after one that ran off. Two guys try to attack Sapphire Ally but fail.
Geo continues to pursue. The one he is pursuing throws a potion that bursts into flame. There is a big fire that blocks the way into the back room. Keri moves and attacks one of the card players. He is shaken.
Gronk tries to intimidate one. But fails. Tusk tries to support him. Sapphires ally grapples the weapon arm of one and succeeds. Sapphire moves in a bit
Geo smashes the leader. He is smashed very hard, looks very bad.
Tusk holds waiting for love priest. GTB attempts to subdue one, fails. Tusk follows suit, but fails. The Cabal tries to fight but miss a lot. Keri fires at the one GTB fights and kills him. Geo continues to pound the leader but fails.
Ally shrinks back into the ground as the one he was fighting surrendered, only Geo and the leader still fight. Geo pounds the leader.
Combat ends.
The love priest talks to the last survivor. He did kill the guys in the cart. Keri recovers her arrows.
We get about 270 cogs of salvage. 24 bottles of wine left. Plus 3 vials that are enchanted somehow but we don’t know what.
We all get 2 xp.


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