Guenyvar Brightscales

Female Drakin - Dark Green Scales


Favorite Quote:
“Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup.”
― Anonymous
– Agility: d8
– Smarts: d6
– Strength: d8
– Spirit: d8
– Vigor: d4

Charisma = 0; Pace = 5; Parry = 5; Toughness = 3 (Hide Armor +1) = 4

Dragon or drakin-related Common Knowledge rolls +2 due to Chosen Edge

– Fighting (AGL) – d6
– Intimidation (SPRT) – d8
– Knowledge (Arcana) (SMRT) – d6
– Knowledge (History) (SMRT) – d6
– Knowledge (Archaeology) (SMRT) – d4
– Notice (SMRT) – d6
– Survival (SMRT) – d6
– Boating (SMRT – d6

Racial Hindrances:
- Arcane Senses – taxes spirit at a negative 2 for Fatigue
- Small – negative 1 to pace and toughness
Standard Hindrances:
- Vain (Major) – Behavior is self-explanatory
- Greedy (Minor) – Behavior is reflected through her desire for anything shiny
- Habit (Minor) – Behavior is reflected through preening before bed

Racial Edges:
- Dragonkin – Blood of dragons allows 15 Power Points at start
- Arcane Senses – Ability to sense supernatural persons, objects, or effects within sight. This includes invisible foes, enchantments on people or items, weird science devices and so on.
Standard Edges:
- Chosen – Potential Dragon – scales are more polished and brighter with non-functioning wings; gains +2 to dragon or drakin-related Common Knowledge Rolls
- Florentine – Adept at wielding two weapons; enemies lose the gang up bonus; gains +1 to fighting rolls against an opponent with one weapon and no shield

Money: COGs = 734
Equipment: Weight Limit 40 Lbs
– Total weight carried: 29 Lbs
– Emerald Dragon Necklace 1 Lb
– Backpack – 2 Lbs
– Flint and Steel – 1 Lb
– Sleeping Canvas – 5 Lbs
– Torch – 1 Lb
– Waterskin – 1 Lb
– Hide Armor – 10 Lbs
– Short Sword – 4 Lbs
– Short Sword – 4 Lbs

– Hide Armor (chest, legs, arms) +1 to Toughness

– Short sword – Range: Melee; ROF: 1; Damage = str +d6

Religion: The lady of the Winds

Navigation: List of Sands/Islands
– Dragon’s Spine
– Shattered City

Level: Novice – Experience 12 (10 August 2013)

Lifetime: 12 points
Spent: 10 points
– 5pts: Raised Strength from d4 to d6
– 5pts: Raised Strength from d6 to d8
Unspent: 2 points
(10 August 2013)

Permanent Injuries: None yet


Guenyvar Greentail Brightscales hatched on Dragon’s Spine to Gramzon the Great and Bethore the Firebreather. She has two older siblings, a sister and a brother. They are Arboth and Jargon. She is to become the only one in her immediate family to become a Chosen. Guenyvar, like all Drakin was taught dragon lore and their history. When she showed aptitude she was taken to the ancient temple dedicated to their masters, the Dragons. There she learned more extensive knowledge about dragons, in addition to that, she was also taught the basics of magic. Being a chosen Drakin, she began to grow wings and her scales began to shine brighter than before.

Guenyvar like most Drakin yearned for adventure. She found her studies interesting, but no practical use could be gained from them. One day when she showed up for her lessons, there were not the usual books stacked high for the day’s lessons. Instead, she found her mentor sitting in his usual spot fiddling with a necklace. Upon further inspection, she found it was a fine chain necklace with an exquisite Dragon in flight carved out of emerald hanging from it.
“What’s that?” Guenyvar asked.
“This is my parting gift to you. It is a tradition that upon completing their schooling, a Chosen is given a dragon necklace the same color as their scales.” he explained.
“Master it is so beautiful! Did you make it yourself?”
“Yes I did, I also imbued it with magic so it is unbreakable and will grow or shrink to fit its wearers size. However, you must go now. For you to complete your path as a Chosen, you must get out and experience the world.”
“Where should I go first master?”
“The closest island out of Dragon’s Spine is the Shattered city. There you will find many ruins to explore. In the morning after you have said your goodbyes one of our ships will drop you off there.” And so, just like that, Guenyvar bought some traveling supplies and said goodbyes. Then she left.

The ship dropped her off at Gateway, one of the largest of the cities in the shattered city. Guenyvar was quite disappointed with Gateway after coming out of the Dragon’s Spine’s architecture of wonderful statues and extraordinary sculptures. Thinking that there was too many smelly humans in the city, she left Gateway and wandered in the countryside for about three days until she found a small villa.

The villa was owned by a man by the name of Tryen Hir, the brother of a tavern owner in Gateway. For a few days, she helped the farmers there and tried to understand human culture. Then one day a group of ten Cabal soldiers attack the villa. Guenyvar and a Wildling by the name of Dorient were able to take down four of them before being overwhelmed and tied up in the cellar of the main hall. The remaining six soldiers take the rest of the villa hostage except Tyran’s daughter who managed to hide from the soldiers. About three hours later a group of adventurers come to the villa and untie the two prisoners. The group consisted of two Wildlings, both cats, one named Kari Ann Thendos, the other simply Hiron. There was also a Dwarf, an Orc and to Guen’s suprise and delight another Drakin. The Dwarf was named Geo, the Orc was named Gronk the Brokenhearted, and the Drakin was named Sapphire. Sapphire was also a Chosen, Kari was a Song Priest, Gronk was a Love Priest, and Hiron and Geo were adventurers. This is when Guen’s adventure truly began.

Guenyvar Brightscales

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